"Solutions are not always found in the law, but rather by focusing on the people we represent and their particular situation." — Patrick Melendy

Prosecution Law

Prosecution is an area of the law that deals with the government bringing charges against individual citizens for violations of the law including felony acts, misdemeanor acts, and violations. We represent a number of government clients including local cities and municipalities in regards to criminal prosecution in their respective municipal courts.

Local Government Law

Leahy Cox, LLP, has a long tradition of representing local government clients in this varied area of the law. In addition to advice on public contracting, drafting and reviewing ordinances, election law and condemnation, our firm can also offer assistance in matters involving local government policies and procedures, ethics for public officials and public meetings and public records. Our expertise includes counsel and real property issues specific to local governments such as comprehensive plans, annexation and urban growth boundaries.

Common services include:

  • Advice on public meetings, hearings and records
  • Advice on local government policies and procedures
  • Review of public contracting and purchasing
  • Ordinance review and drafting
  • Advice on employment and labor relation matters
  • Advice and training on ethics for public officials
  • Building code enforcement assistance