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Restraining Orders

Springfield Restraining Order Lawyers

Protecting Your Safety With A Restraining Order

A restraining order can be issued any time there is some sort of domestic violence between people involved in an intimate relationship. This includes family members, spouses, former spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends.

A family abuse prevention act (FAPA) restraining order tells the alleged abuser to leave the petitioner and his or her children alone. It may require the alleged abuser to move out of the residence. If the restraining order is violated, the alleged abuser risks arrest.

Although you do not necessarily need a lawyer to file a restraining order, having a legal representative may help. Our Springfield restraining order attorneys can help you file the papers for a restraining order and represent you at a hearing if the order is contested.

Defending You Against A Restraining Order And Allegations Of Abuse

Many people who file restraining orders do it in order to gain the upper hand in issues of divorce or child custody. This puts the alleged abuser in a very difficult position. Our attorneys will represent you at the restraining order hearing. We request the original court transcript of the hearing for the temporary restraining order to look for evidence that may prove in your favor.

Eugene, Oregon, Attorneys Handling Stalking Orders

Stalking orders differ from restraining orders in that they can be issued against anyone you feel is threatening you, whether he or she is your former boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone who lives two blocks away.

Oregon has two different forms of stalking orders:

  • Traditional stalking – The alleged stalker follows the accuser around or stands outside his or her residence.
  • Communicative stalking – The alleged stalker sends multiple letters, phone messages, emails and texts that are threatening or unwanted.

At Leahy Cox, LLP, we will help you determine which set of orders to request and help you file the necessary paperwork to get the temporary stalking orders filed. We will attend any hearing contesting the stalking orders with you, helping you present evidence.

Penalties Against Those Served Restraining Orders And Stalking Orders

If you have one of these orders issued against you, you forfeit your gun rights, the restraining order goes on your record and if you violate the restraining order, you risk arrest.

The effect a restraining order issued against you can have on your life can be substantial. It can prevent you from going certain places or contacting your accuser. It can force you to move from your home, and it will show up on any background check.

We will work diligently to defend you against false accusations and help you to preserve your rights.

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