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Organization can help you during divorce

Going through a divorce is not only draining emotionally, but mentally. You might feel like there are a million steps you have to take in order to finally put your divorce behind you. There are many tasks, paperwork and other things you have to do during a divorce and it can be overwhelming.

However, there is a way to make this entire process easier. Staying organized is key during a divorce. It can help you come out of it more successfully and with less stress. Here are three ways you can organize your life during a divorce.

The personal affects the professional: business owner divorce

As the owner of a business in Oregon, your personal life almost inherently affects the professional aspects of your working life. Your decisions have an effect on the business as well as your own life, meaning one often affects the other. One aspect of your personal life that may have an expected impact on your business is the state of your marriage.

More than half of all U.S. marriages end, with the likelihood of divorce increasing for second, third or fourth marriages. The reality is, starting and maintaining a business can cause a strain on a relationship, sending a couple toward a potentially litigious end. There are a few key considerations for business owners to implement both at the start and end of a marriage.

Double dipping and divorce

During a marriage, you share a lot of things. A house, a room, a bed and oftentimes a car or two. In addition, some spouses own a business together or separately. When the desire for unity ends, you probably want to stop sharing as well.

Do grandparents have visitation rights in Oregon?

Losing contact with a loved one is heartbreaking. In the event of a divorce, many people are involved. Depending on who the children end up with, this can immensely impact a grandchild-grandparent relationship. You desire to maintain a connection with your grandchildren. What can you do to prevent the break?

5 mistakes to avoid in a high-net worth divorce

Divorces can be long and messy. There are many factors that come into the situation including the couple’s feelings towards each other, their home, valuables, animals and children. Some couples are able to make it through the process painlessly while others fight tooth and nail every step of the way.

When it comes to a high-net worth divorce, couples tend to make mistakes that normally might not make much of a difference, but in their case, could result in major devastation.

Getting divorced? Don’t forget to update your estate plan.

You and your spouse decided that things are no longer working and that the time has come to get divorced. Your mind might immediately be drawn to all the legal issues directly connected to the upcoming divorce. However, there is another legal matter it can be critical to give appropriate attention and not forget about.

This is your estate plan. When getting divorced, updating this plan can be very important.

Will I have to pay spousal support after getting divorced?

In many marriages, one spouse is a breadwinner and the other manages the home and children. This can result in one spouse being financially dependent on the other, and in the event of a divorce, the financially-dependent person may request spousal support.

If you were the breadwinner in your marriage, then you should be aware of the factors that will determine whether you will pay spousal support, and for how long you may need to pay it.

Assets that can be difficult to value in high net worth divorces

Every divorce has the potential to be complicated. However, if you and your soon-to-be ex are affluent and will have substantial assets to divide, the process can be even more difficult because the financial stakes can be exceptionally high.

There can also be added complexity to the process because of the types of assets involved. In high-asset divorces, it is not unusual to have rare or exclusive property that can be very difficult to value, let alone divide. For instance, the following items could present some very real complications in these types of divorces.

What will happen to the family business after my divorce?

Marriages that have produced a family business are often left wondering what to expect after the division to the marriage is finalized. Will I have to divide the business? Is there any way it can continue to thrive despite the marriage failing? These are legitimate concerns to ask when separating the financial merging of former couples.  

An important starting factor when approaching this situation is securing a lawyer with a deep understanding of business laws and experience managing this and other high-asset divorces. There are complexities related to dividing a marriage with a business between them that simply do not appear in other divorce cases.