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What is the most dangerous time to be on the road?

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Drivers have many concerns when navigating Oregon’s roadways. Whether you’re watching for other drivers or dealing with inclement weather conditions, arriving to your destination safely means using caution and following the rules of the road. But even the most cautious drivers can be involved in an accident, especially when driving during the most dangerous time of the day.

Understandably, when you’re driving in low-light conditions, it can be harder to see other vehicles or obstructions in the road. The hours from dusk to daylight are considered the most dangerous time to be on the road. Low-light conditions limit your visibility and can slow down your reaction time. By understanding the challenges that come with driving after dark, you can help keep yourself and others on the road safe.

The challenges of driving in the dark

Everyone is affected differently when driving at night. As you age, your ability to see things in the dark decreases, which can make you more likely to be involved in an accident. When driving after dark, even when using your bright beams, your visibility is limited to around 500 feet in front of you. This means you may not be aware of a hazard quickly enough to react.

Driving in low-light conditions can also affect your depth perception and impact your peripheral vision. You may not be able to recognize colors as well as you can during daylight hours. The glare from the headlights of oncoming drivers can also impede your ability to drive safely. There are, however, ways to drive more safely when you must be on the road after dark.

Staying safe when driving after dark

Making sure your headlights and windshield are clean before heading out can improve your visibility when you’re driving after dark. If you wear glasses, be sure to use anti-reflective lenses during nighttime. Be sure to avoid distractions and don’t drive when you’re overtired as it can have similar effects to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Older drivers may wish to have frequent vision checks and may consider taking a refresher driving course to help them feel more comfortable on the road.

Sometimes, motor vehicle accidents are simply not avoidable. If you are involved in an accident, the injuries sustained can greatly impact your life and may prevent you from working or participating in activities that you enjoy. If you find yourself in a financial bind after being injured in an accident due to negligence on behalf of another Oregon driver, be aware that you have the legal right to seek compensation to help you recover.

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