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Driving on interstates requires knowledge and patience

If you have driven through Oregon, you are likely aware that the interstate highways here are convenient, well-traveled routes that connect various cities throughout the state. These interstates are a vital part of the transportation network and travelers heavily...

Important steps to take after a car accident

Life can be full of both good and bad surprises that happen in the blink of an eye. Being involved in a car accident definitely qualifies as one of the worst possible of these situations, especially if you were the victim of an unfortunate incident. Even the safest of...

How you can avoid distracted driving and increase safety

These days, you hear a lot about the dangers of distracted driving. Thanks to modern gadgets like cell phones, distracted driving has become a big problem on roadways in Oregon and across the country. And it's not only cell phones -- today’s drivers face an abundance...

Driving techniques to stay safe on wet roads

If you dread getting behind the wheel when it’s raining outside, you are not alone. Oregon typically gets an abundance of rain throughout the autumn and winter months, and it can cause hazardous driving conditions. Not only are road surfaces wet and slick, but...

What is the most dangerous time to be on the road?

Drivers have many concerns when navigating Oregon’s roadways. Whether you’re watching for other drivers or dealing with inclement weather conditions, arriving to your destination safely means using caution and following the rules of the road. But even the most...

Understanding why excessive speeding is so hazardous

There may be a variety of reasons why drivers speed, whether this involves a disregard for safety or a desire to catch up on lost time. However, even if you are behind on schedule, there is no guarantee that such behavior will help you reach your destination any...

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