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Possible ways to detect the presence of a distracted driver

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Distracted driving is a type of negligent behavior that remains a contributing factor in far too many motor vehicle accidents. However, despite the inherent risks involved, many drivers continue to engage in such behaviors. You might encounter similar safety concerns at any moment while out traveling on Oregon roads. 

While you might not be able to control the actions of other drivers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is nothing you can do to reduce the risk of an unfortunate outcome. Knowing some ways to spot the presence of a distracted driver could help you prepare to identify a potential safety risk in time to escape to safety. 

Signs of inattention 

Knowing how to spot the signs of an inattentive driver could be vital to giving you sufficient time to steer clear of the path of danger. A few examples of behaviors to watch for could include: 

  • Constant shifts in speed: Studies indicate that drivers who succumb to distraction may struggle to maintain proper speeds. Sudden shifts in speed could be a red flag of a potential safety hazard. 
  • Poor lane control: The presence of distraction can also affect one’s ability to maintain proper lane control. If you encounter a driver who shifts in and out of traffic lanes, using caution may be imperative. 
  • Frequent braking: Drivers who lose focus on the task at hand may also be prone to frequently applying pressure to the brakes of a vehicle. Watching for similar signs could be vital to steering clear of a potential danger.  
  • Failure to yield: The presence of distraction may also lead to a greater risk that drivers might fail to yield the right of way or run through stop signs. In addition, distracted drivers might not always use turn signals to make their intentions clear. 

Distracted drivers may also be more prone to exhibiting dangerous behaviors, such as tailgating. Watching for similar signs could be integral to protecting your well-being. 

When a collision takes place 

Unfortunately, it might not always be possible to spot a distracted driver in time to avoid a collision, and facing such a situation can be a harrowing experience. While a crash involving such negligence could occur in the blink of an eye, the outcome thereof may have a lingering impact on your life. Should the actions of another driver leave you with severe injuries and facing dire financial straits, you might have questions about your options and the best course of action to take to protect your future. 

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