"Solutions are not always found in the law, but rather by focusing on the people we represent and their particular situation." — Patrick Melendy

Springfield Business Law Attorneys

At Leahy Cox, LLP, our attorneys assist small businesses with all legal matters. We work closely with our business clients, locking in on their short-term and long-term objectives, and crafting legal strategies customized to further their success. We have worked with businesses in a wide range of industries and have the experience to quickly adapt to industry-specific needs as we pursue a positive outcome.

Business Entity Formation

Our business law lawyers in Springfield, Oregon, are proud to assist small businesses in laying the foundation for success. After considering the business’s industry and goals, we will assist with the formation of the most appropriate entity: partnership, limited liability company (LLC) or corporation (S-corp or C-corp). In addition, we can assist with the creation of contracts, company policies and other business needs at the beginning of its life.

Buy-Sell Agreements

We assist with the creation, review and negotiation of buy-sell agreements, sometimes referred to as buyout agreements. These agreements may include provisions addressing who can purchase a departing partner or shareholder’s interest in the business, as well as when such a buyout can take place and what the cost will be.

Business Disputes

From breach of contract disputes to partnership and shareholder disputes, we can represent clients in all types of business disputes. Many of the cases we handle involve disputes related to the dissolution of a business, as how a business is taken apart can be just as complex and important as how it is put together. We have the skill to resolve disputes adeptly and with an eye toward our clients’ best interests.

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