"Solutions are not always found in the law, but rather by focusing on the people we represent and their particular situation." — Patrick Melendy

Springfield Estate Planning Attorneys

When the time comes to plan your estate, you want to make certain that your estate plan protects your assets and provides for your family. That means that your estate plan must be personalized. It must be crafted specifically for you, with the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer in Springfield, Oregon.

Every client who comes to the offices of Leahy Cox, LLP, is unique. For that reason, we begin the estate planning process by asking questions and gathering information. What assets do you possess and which are most important to protect? Who do you want to benefit from your estate? Do members of your family have special needs, or are there other special circumstances that need to be taken into consideration?

When we have reviewed your situation, we will make a recommendation. We will suggest an estate plan that incorporates the tools that are most appropriate for meeting your needs. We will explain the strategy, and then we will put it into action.

Estate Planning Tools

Our attorneys create estate plans that include the following tools:

People frequently believe that a will is sufficient to meet their needs. This is rarely the case. We believe that an estate plan should not only provide asset protection in the event of death, but it should also provide direction to family members in the event of incapacity. We will educate you about all available options and make certain you get the protection you need.

Estate Taxes

A major concern for many people is the threat of taxes eroding the estate. After reviewing your situation, we will let you know if this is a potential issue. If it is, we will recommend the estate planning options most effective for minimizing the impact of estate taxes.

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