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Springfield Elder Law Attorneys

Elder law encompasses all of the unique legal issues that senior citizens may face. Estate planning is a major component of elder law, but this area of law also involves many other issues. At Leahy Cox, LLP, our attorneys are proud to stand up for the rights of Oregon’s elderly population. We provide caring and dedicated representation.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid covers many important costs faced by elderly people: prescriptions, medical equipment, and long-term care services such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes. One of the biggest concerns for many elderly people is whether they will be eligible for Medicaid benefits. Our lawyers can answer questions about Medicaid coverage and provide guidance on steps that can be taken to ensure eligibility when the time comes.

Guardianships And Conservatorships

In Oregon, a guardian is defined as a person who is appointed to make health care-related decisions and other personal decisions on behalf of an individual who no longer has the capacity to make such decisions on his or her own. A conservator is defined as a person who is appointed to make financial decisions on behalf of an incapacitated person.

Our elder law lawyers in Springfield, Oregon, can help you obtain either guardianship or conservatorship, or both, over an elderly loved one. We understand that this is a difficult decision to make. You can be confident that we will stand by your side, making the process as easy as possible for you and those you care about.

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