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Springfield Wills Attorneys

A will is a cornerstone of an estate plan. It is a legal instrument that outlines how assets will be distributed upon your death. Not only does it help to ensure that your wishes are adhered to, it minimizes the possibility of disputes between your heirs. It saves them time and stress during their time of loss. At Leahy Cox, LLP, we take great care to draft clear and precise wills that can stand up to any challenge.

Is A Will Enough?

Our wills lawyers in Springfield, Oregon, want to make certain that your property is protected and your wishes are followed. We will thoroughly evaluate your situation and make a recommendation. Depending on the value of your estate and your goals, a will may be sufficient for dictating how property will be divided upon your death. In many cases, a will may not provide protection from estate taxes and other threats, or it may not be nimble enough to achieve unique goals. In these cases, we may recommend the creation of trusts.

People frequently confuse wills and living wills. These are actually different legal instruments. While a will outlines how assets will be dealt with upon your death, a living will addresses how your medical care will be handled in the event of incapacity. A living will is also known as an advance health care directive or, more simply, an advance directive. Our attorneys often encourage people to create both a will and a living will as part of an estate plan.

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