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Springfield Interstate Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody cases become particularly complex when one parent has moved or intends to move out of Oregon and wants to relocate his or her child as well. While the child may benefit from the relocation, the parent who wishes to remain in Oregon has rights. The preferred scenario is for both parents to remain closely involved in the child’s life. Achieving that scenario can be challenging. At Leahy Cox, LLP, we are up to the challenge.

Our interstate child custody attorneys in Springfield, Oregon, handle cases involving parental relocation with child during or after a divorce, as well as paternity actions and related child custody disputes that cross state lines. We are prepared to deal with any complexity.

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) plays an important role in interstate child custody cases because it dictates which state will have jurisdiction. Our lawyers are well-versed in this law and will use it to determine whether Oregon has jurisdiction and whether Oregon’s laws apply, or whether another state’s laws will apply.

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