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Documents To Gather When Preparing To Dissolve A Marriage

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Divorce |

While deciding to dissolve a marriage can be a stressful and intimidating process, sometimes it may also be the healthiest path for everyone involved. However, even if the process might lead you to a better situation in time, you may still have concerns about how the outcome thereof might impact your future.

The steps you take to prepare for what comes next might influence the outcome of your situation. Knowing how best to approach a divorce can be a complex task. Obtaining the necessary documents is an example of a step that may reduce stress by promoting organization, and it could help you prepare to make informed choices about your future.

Gathering documentation

While the process of gathering the necessary documentation may seem an intimidating concept, taking steps to become organized can be essential in various ways. A few examples of documents to obtain prior to entering the process may include:

  • Marital income: Obtaining documentation of all sources of marital income may be vital. This could include anything from paycheck stubs to information on business expenses and proof of your marital net worth.
  • Marital assets: Gathering information on all marital assets could also be essential. Items such as real estate holdings, joint financial accounts and joint insurance policies may be just a few examples of such assets.
  • Tax documents: Tax returns may hold a wealth of useful information. Gathering recent tax documents could also be integral to creating a strategy for negotiations that meets your needs.
  • Joint debts: Marital debts may also play a significant role during this process. Taking steps to address similar issues may help you mitigate undesirable results and prepare to protect your financial future.

Gathering documentation of assets, such as retirement accounts and pension funds, may also be vital to understanding what is at stake and preparing to protect your future.

Preparing for the process

While gathering the necessary documentation may help one stay organized during the end of a marriage, it might not always be as simple as it seems. With so much on the line, it might be beneficial to consider seeking advice on every vital topic to consider and on the steps to take to prepare for the subsequent process. In doing so, you may obtain much-needed insight in addressing your options and developing a strategy with which to pursue the most favorable outcome possible regarding your future in Oregon.

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