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Retirement Assets Could Play A Significant Role In Your Divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Divorce |

There may be a variety of essential topics to address when preparing a strategy to safeguard your future during the end of your marriage. It might not be uncommon to have concerns about how the process might affect your finances and you may wish to take every possible measure to protect this aspect of your life. 

After spending years planning and saving for the golden years of life, you and your spouse might hold significant wealth in retirement assets. Understanding your options and what to cover regarding your retirement accounts may prove integral, as such assets could play a significant role in the outcome of your situation. 

The factors 

There may be numerous factors to address regarding your retirement accounts when preparing to dissolve your marriage, and some things to keep in mind as you approach this process might include: 

  • Marital assets:  While any retirement assets accrued during your marriage will likely be marital property, assets accumulated prior to your marriage might retain their separate identity. Knowing the difference between marital and separate assets may prove imperative. 
  • Dividing assets:  Knowing the steps involved with dividing retirement assets after a divorce may also prove essential, as this could help ward off potentially costly tax fees and penalties. 
  • Asset valuation:  Obtaining the proper value of retirement accounts can be complex at times and knowing how tax rates might affect values may help you better prepare to make informed choices. 
  • Negotiations:  Understanding how to properly value retirement assets and addressing topics such as tax ramifications may prove essential to knowing how best to approach such assets during negotiations. 

It may also be helpful to seek insight into Oregon state divorce laws and how these might apply to your situation. This could be vital to preparing to make informed choices about your future. 

Your plans for retirement 

While the outcome of the end of your marriage may inherently impact your finances, it doesn’t have to disrupt or derail your plans for retirement. Knowing what to address regarding retirement assets may help provide much-needed insight into your options and on how best to approach the process. Seeking advice in carefully evaluating your situation might prove essential to placing you in a better position to create a strategy for what comes next that focuses on protecting your wishes and needs for the future. 

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