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High-Asset Divorce: Prenup Protects Georgina Chapman’s Interests

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2018 | High-Asset Divorce |

Prenuptial agreements can protect spouses in marriages anywhere, including in Oregon, regardless of their net worth. They can be particularly valuable in a high-asset divorce. A perfect example may be the divorce of celebrities Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman. Both spouses are highly successful in their respective fields — he as a film producer and she as a fashion designer.

They were married in Dec. 2007, and they have two children. Weinstein is said to be worth approximately $300 million — until several lawsuits and many more allegations were made against him of sexual harassment and abuse. It is now speculated that this may cause his financial ruin. However, although this caused Chapman to leave Weinstein last October, she appears fortunate to have the protection of a prenuptial agreement.

According to the contract, Weinstein must pay her $300,000 per year in spousal support for the first 10 years of marriage, and $400,000 per year for subsequent years. Although they have reached a settlement agreement that includes two properties, valued at $15 million and $12.4 million respectively, it was reported that papers to finalize the divorce have not yet been filed. This might allow the length of the marriage to go beyond 10 years, leaving the question of the higher amount of alimony.

Many people in Oregon choose to sign prenuptial agreements before they get married. This does not indicate a belief that their marriages will fail, but may provide peace of mind in knowing their interests will be protected if the marriage does not last. An experienced high-asset divorce attorney can provide the necessary guidance during the negotiating, drafting and execution of such a document.

Source: New York Daily News, “Harvey Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman gets custody of kids, $15-20M in divorce settlement“, Nancy Dillon, Peter Sblendorio, Stephen Rex Brown, Jan. 10, 2018

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