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The Start Of The New Year Brings Increase In Divorce Filings

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The beginning of the year represents a time for change for many Oregon residents and others around the country. In some cases, people set new health goals or make plans to improve their finances. However, others choose the new year to make a new start in their relationships. In fact, many experts view January as a popular month to file for a divorce.

Couples often make an effort to remain together throughout the holiday season at the end of the year. When the holidays are over, one spouse may be more than ready to sever ties with the other. While parting may be a goal for the new year, it is still important to protect oneself in the divorce process.

It is critical to seek advice from appropriate professionals, including financial planners or accountants. Many decisions involve financial considerations, and understanding one’s position is vital before moving forward with a divorce. One of the first steps should be listing all the assets as well as obligations a couple has together.

The home is usually a major source of discussion. One spouse may be lobbying to keep it, yet not understand the implications of doing so. Mortgage payments, insurance payments and ongoing maintenance expenses must be considered when determining who will remain in the family home.

There are a myriad of issues that arise when a couple decides to get a divorce. An Oregon divorce lawyer can be a valuable asset to someone attempting to navigate the process. An experienced attorney will help clients understand their options and develop a plan for a successful outcome in the divorce proceedings.

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