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Child Custody Agreements Could Prevent Overnight Guests In Oregon

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2014 | Child Custody |

After divorcing and putting a bad marriage behind them, some people might be ready to jump in to a new relationship right off the bat. While in general this is fine, some Oregon divorcees might need to pump the brakes on any overnight visitors. Besides the possible ill-effects it might have on any children involved, it could also affect a court-ordered child custody agreement.

In instances where minor children are involved, the custody agreement may be one of the most important parts of any divorce. Child custody agreements generally outline which parent has the children and when, as well as who is to take care of certain responsibilities pertaining to the children. These custody agreements may also stipulate who can be around the children, including overnight guests.

For the well-being of any children involved in a divorce, overnight guests might be strictly prohibited in the custody agreement. In some cases, the agreement might even put alimony in question if a parent has an overnight guest while the children are at the home. Custody of the children themselves can also be put into jeopardy if a parent chooses to have another adult over for the night if the custody agreement strictly forbids it.

Most divorcing parents simply want the best outcome for their children. When it comes to overnight guests, the idea may appear to be a bad one all around, as it could serve to confuse any children involved. In order to protect their children, divorced Oregon parents might choose to insert a clause into their child custody agreement that forbids either parent from having another adult in the house overnight while the children are present. The breaking of such a clause could force both parents back into court for revision of the custody agreement.

Source: The Huffington Post, How Overnight Dates Could Seriously Damage Your Custody Case, Lenore Skonal, March 10, 2014

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