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Divorce Settlements Should Be Carefully Analyzed Before Accepting

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There may be times that divorce can bring out the worst in some people. Sadly, for some people embroiled in a divorce, this may simply be a tactic to encourage the other party to settle fast and settle low. While it is understandable that an Oregon divorcee might choose a less-than-desirable or even fair settlement in order to end a bitter and prolonged divorce, there may be instances in which sticking to requests is a good idea. In these instances, it is best to be prepared.

When dealing with a particularly belligerent soon-to-be ex-spouse, the difference between a requested and an offered settlement might not even register until it is too late. Depending on living expenses, an offered settlement might not even be enough to realistically live on. Even worse, human brains are wired to essentially shut down the analytical part of our brains during times of high or stressful emotions.

In order to make the best decision concerning a settlement, an individual must fully understand their day-to-day living expenses in relation to the offered settlement. Although at times it may feel easier to concede defeat and accept whatever settlement is offered, there are still options to ensure a secure financial future. A financial planner that specializes in divorce can ensure that all financial aspects have been considered in relation to the settlement before making any concrete decisions.

Low-balling a settlement in hopes that the offer will be accepted because of the highly stressful nature of divorce can cause truly disastrous results for the other party. For those in Oregon grappling with a tricky divorce, a settlement may appear as a ray of hope that the whole ordeal might finally be over. However, it is still important to have a professional third party financial planner review and discuss any potential pitfalls of an offered settlement before accepting or declining it.

Source: Forbes, “How to Stay Strong And Get What You Deserve In a Divorce“, Robert Pagliarini, March 25, 2014

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