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Divorce Archives

The start of the new year brings increase in divorce filings

The beginning of the year represents a time for change for many Oregon residents and others around the country. In some cases, people set new health goals or make plans to improve their finances. However, others choose the new year to make a new start in their relationships. In fact, many experts view January as a popular month to file for a divorce.

Electronic tracking devices playing a role in divorce proceedings

There have been many amazing advances in technology over the past several years. Items that were once used only by professionals are now available to any consumer in Oregon or elsewhere around the country. One example of such technology is a GPS tracker that, once installed in a car, can determine the vehicle's location at all times. While devices like this may be useful tools, they are certainly changing the way information is gathered and presented in divorce cases.

Determining divorce goals may be beneficial for Oregon residents

Going through the steps necessary to end a marriage can take a considerable toll on individuals in various ways. Oregon residents can face emotional turmoil, financial struggles, legal issues and numerous other factors during their divorce cases. Though many people choose to dissolve their marriages every year, each case is different. However, there are some common steps that may help individuals approach their cases.

Divorce trends: Get a prenup without ruining a relationship

When a couple is planning a wedding in Oregon or anywhere around the nation, there is a long list of things to do. Choosing a venue, picking out a dress, selecting a caterer or planning a honeymoon are typical activities that come to mind. Getting a divorce is certainly not a topic of conversation most couples address in the midst of wedding plans. However, experts suggest that developing a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage affords couples an opportunity to logically discuss what might happen if a split occurs.

Tax reform bill can affect alimony payments in divorce process

The tax reform bill currently in Congress is a hot topic in the state of Oregon and other states across the country. One issue addressed in the bill that is before the House of Representatives is the treatment of alimony. Since the discussion of alimony can be a potentially volatile subject in divorce proceedings, any potential changes in its handling is being closely watched.

Avoid common financial pitfalls in divorce

When a marriage ends in Oregon or anywhere else around the nation, couples often find that their financial situation is negatively affected. Incomes are typically reduced, yet each household has its own set of expenses. Financial experts have identified several areas of concern for women involved in a divorce. However, men as well as women would be advised to avoid these pitfalls.

Don't neglect financial planning in a divorce

When couples decide to end their marriages in Oregon or elsewhere around the country, there are many questions for them to address. However, the most complicated issues that arise during divorce proceedings often revolve around finances. Experts stress the need for both spouses involved to address several areas during the process.

Keep finances straight during a divorce

When a marriage comes to an end in Oregon or elsewhere around the country, there are many issues to address. Some of the most significant decisions made following a divorce likely involve finances. Though getting a divorce can be an ordeal, experts recommend keeping a level head and paying close attention to money matters.

Divorce may have considerable tax impacts in Oregon

Most individuals worry about their finances at some point or another. A major catalyst that could spark this concern is going through divorce. Because ending a marriage means living on a single income and potentially losing and gaining assets during property division, understanding financial impacts may be vastly important. Oregon residents may want to pay particular attention to potential taxation.