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Finding Ways To Unearth Hidden Assets During A Divorce

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Divorce |

It may come as no surprise that the outcome of the end of a marriage could affect various areas of your life. If you and your spouse decide to part ways, you might have questions about what to expect from the process and about every vital factor to address when preparing a strategy to safeguard your future in Oregon.

There could be numerous essential topics to consider during a similar life experience, and one factor it might be helpful to avoid overlooking pertains to hidden assets. Uncovering hidden assets may be integral to helping you understand what is at stake, but it could also prove somewhat complex at times.

Hidden assets

The presence of hidden assets may have a significant influence on the outcome of your divorce, and as such, identifying all marital assets could prove imperative. Some tips to help you navigate this process might include:

  • Possible signs: Knowing the signs that might indicate the presence of such issues could be vital, and a spouse who attempts to hide assets might be more susceptible to exhibiting secretive or controlling financial behaviors.
  • Hiding spots: Possible places to look for hidden assets could include spots such as safes and safety deposit boxes, and sometimes a person might also choose to give assets to family or friends for safekeeping.
  • Vital documents: There may be various documents to review when searching for hidden assets, ranging anywhere from real estate titles and mortgage documents to recent tax returns.
  • Digital currency: Studies indicate that it might not be uncommon for hidden assets to take the form of cryptocurrency, and while uncovering the presence of such assets might be difficult, it is by no means impossible.

Studies also indicate that those who attempt to hide assets during a divorce might also take measures such as creating false debts to conceal possessions.

Preparing for the process

Although uncovering hidden assets during the end of a marriage can be a daunting process, it might also play an integral role in helping you prepare to protect your future. With a great deal at stake, seeking insight on every vital step to take when facing a similar change in life might be integral to preparing a strategy for what comes next. Such a decision could be essential to helping place you in a better position in which to pursue the best outcome possible regarding your future during legal proceedings.

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