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Is A New Year Divorce In Your Future?

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Are you going all out for the holidays this year? Perhaps you are spending more on gifts, making more time with the kids and accepting more invitations to parties and gatherings than you have in years past. Have you doubled the amount of decorations in and around your house? Have you made reservations for a family trip? Or maybe the opposite is true. Maybe this year you are toning things down, simplifying your holidays.

If the catalyst behind either of these choices is the weakening bond of your marriage relationship, you are not alone. Many spouses will be celebrating this holiday season knowing it will likely be the last one together. You may find yourself going all out or pulling back from the fracas as you consider your options for the new year. In fact, for many family law attorneys, January is the peak month for divorce.

Why January is “Divorce Month”

Of course, every marriage is different, and your reasons for wanting to divorce your spouse are unique. While the motives for each couple may be different, the timing for many is the same. You may have considered this option at other times during your marriage, perhaps even during the past year, but why now? There are some theories as to why so many couples choose January to start the divorce process:

  • The holidays have left you especially disappointed and disillusioned with your spouse.
  • Spending more time with your family over the holidays has created such stress and tension between you and your spouse that you never want to do it again.
  • Despite never wanting to endure another holiday in your marriage, you do not want to ruin the festive events for your family, so you are starting the process as soon as possible when the holidays are over.
  • You are ready to start the new year with fresh options, goals and opportunities.

No matter your reasons for choosing the beginning of the new year to file for divorce, you will want to be certain you have all the information you need to proceed in the most efficient manner possible and protect your rights along the way. This may mean using alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid creating more animosity between you and your spouse. By consulting with an Oregon family law attorney, you can learn about your options and which method of divorce may be most advantageous for you.

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