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Mistakes To Avoid In A High Asset Divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2019 | High-Asset Divorce |

Getting a divorce where one or both parties have a lot of wealth can be especially complicated. Many assets can be involved. Understanding that the public will likely know about your divorce can be stressful. Having a divorce where you and your spouse are satisfied could involve a level of compromise.

Don’t forget to make a ‘divorce story’

A divorce story is a narrative about why you’re ending your marriage that you present to the public. By creating a divorce story, you begin the divorce process with a vision you made together. This joint statement can help guide your divorce in the right direction. Instead of talking about the things you don’t like about the other party to friends and family, a divorce story allows for the beginning of a positive and amicable narrative.

Handling your whole divorce in court

Your expectations for what will happen in court are often very different from the rulings you receive. If you engage in divorce litigation the details will be accessible to anyone. It may be uncomfortable for you to imagine all of your personal business regarding the divorce available to the public. If you are wealthy, letting everyone see how much money you have from your divorce case may be distressing. Wrapping up the divorce privately has many benefits, including keeping sensitive information confidential.

Mishandling financial assets

Even if you’re using a lawyer, when it comes to your wealth it may become complex to figure out how to proceed with your divorce.

One way people in high asset divorces are assuring their finances remain as intact as possible is with a divorce financial analyst. These analysts can be there from the beginning to the end of your divorce and can help provide financial insight and evidence regarding settlements.

Divorce can be a trying time for both parties involved. Maintaining a unified front, trying to come to agreements outside the court room and managing your financial assets can set you up for success.

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