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Veteran With Pstd Now Fighting Child Custody Issues

On Behalf of | May 19, 2017 | Child Custody |

Citizens in Oregon and throughout the nation owe a debt of gratitude to our veterans who have bravely served our country. Many veterans, especially those who have experienced combat in war-torn areas, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Those veterans are encouraged to seek help for PSTD. One combat veteran sought help, but believes that his child custody case is suffering because of it.

The out-of-state man, a Marine corporal, served three tours of duty in Iraq, where he suffered three concussions. The man belonged to a support group for veterans dealing with PSTD. After the war, he earned two college degrees and worked as a substitute teacher. He and his wife got a divorce, but he remained involved in his two daughters’ lives.

In spite of seeking the help for PSTD that was recommended, the veteran now claims that the treatment is preventing him from seeing his daughters. Despite having only traffic offenses on his record and no reports of domestic violence, a judge contends that the man has mental health issues. The veteran, who once had joint custody of his children, now only has two hour-long supervised visits each week.

The case took a dramatic turn when the veteran recorded one of his daughters claiming that her mother’s new husband had struck her. However, the police did not believe the man’s claims and another judge placed a 50-year harassment order on him. Based on the order, he would not be able to see his daughters until 2066.

Oregon divorces involving child custody can become very contentious. It would be helpful to seek the advice of a skilled divorce lawyer to navigate the complex issues. An experienced family law attorney will evaluate a situation thoroughly and develop a specific plan of action for a client to seek a favorable outcome in the proceedings.

Source: fox9.com, “THE WAR AT HOME: Iraq veteran says family court using PTSD treatment against him – Story”, Tom Lyden, May 10, 2017

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