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Where To Go For Legal Help With Family Law Issues In Oregon

On Behalf of | May 3, 2016 | Family Law |

Like many others across the nation, most Oregon families are doing their best to keep up with changing times. Family life is not without its many challenges, which may include emotional, economic and, sometimes, legal issues. Family law encompasses a wide variety of situations from prenuptial agreements to paternity or child custody matters.

It is often difficult to discern what the best course of action might be when the legal issue at hand is complicated or highly emotionally charged. There are times when it might be possible to negotiate a peaceable solution to a problem without resorting to legal intervention. Often, however, such a resolution seems unattainable due to another party’s refusal to cooperate or discuss a matter in an amicable fashion.

Leahy Cox, LLP, is dedicated to helping clients throughout the state find practical solutions to their family law problems. Our experienced legal team understands the intensely personal nature of such issues. We are committed to providing customized service that addresses the unique and individual needs of each client.

Whether you are seeking a modification to an existing court order, have questions or concerns about a restraining order or would like clarification about the laws that govern child custody issues in the state, Leahy Cox, LLP  can be consulted for guidance. We can help you determine which options are available as you work toward a favorable resolution. Our advice is based on successful experience in court and a clear understanding of Oregon law.

Though we are often able to negotiate on behalf of a client to achieve an agreeable solution outside the courtroom, we are also prepared to aggressively litigate any situation that warrants it. Our attorneys make your family law issues our legal priority from our very first meeting until we have helped you accomplish your immediate and long-term legal goals. To request a consultation, you may call our Oregon office or access the convenient electronic contact form located on our website.

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