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MLB Outfielder Josh Hamilton Ready To Divorce

On Behalf of | May 1, 2015 | Divorce |

Major league baseball fans might have already heard of the divorce proceedings between the outfielder Josh Hamilton and his soon-to-be ex-wife. The divorce filing did not go into the specific reasons behind the split and simply cited ongoing conflict, which is not uncommon in Oregon divorce filings. However, unlike most other divorces, the high-profile nature of Hamilton’s divorce might provide further insight into the matter for those who are confused or unsure of the process.

Hamilton initially filed a divorce petition with 34 separate requests, including sole use of certain vehicles as well as a ban on his ex from making derogatory statements about him. His wife was apparently less than pleased with these requests, and she subsequently filed a general denial of the petition with the court. Ultimately, both parties agreed that they would refrain from speaking with one another for the time being. 

As important matters in the divorce like property division and child support are addressed, Hamilton is prohibited from visiting with his children unsupervised. One of the couple’s three marital homes has already hit the market for approximately $16.5 million, although he has been barred from going there. Hamilton does not have permission to visit the other two homes, either.

Many people in Oregon are under the impression that certain issues cannot be fully addressed until the conclusion of a divorce. Conversely, there are some issues that require quick attention and action, such as child custody or even temporary spousal support. Although a divorce settlement could make adjustments to agreements made for these matters, having addressed these issues early on can be especially helpful when divorce proceedings last longer than expected.

Source: ESPN, “Josh Hamilton files for divorce from wife, Katie“, April 20, 2015

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