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Establishing Parenting Time Can Help With Support Payments

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2015 | Child Custody |

Finances are typically on both spouses’ minds during a divorce and understandably so. Even though the recent recession is in the rearview mirror for most people, there may still be a feeling of insecurity when it comes to jobs and finances. This can be especially true for Oregon parents who must also ensure the continued security of their children. Luckily, child support payments made by one parent to the other can help establish financial security for any children involved, and the amounts ordered are typically based, at least partially, on how much parenting time each party has. 

Although more and more people are choosing to split custody evenly between both parents, when one parent does have more parenting time than the other, he or she is usually the individual who receives child support payments. This is not necessarily always the case, as the point of child support is to make sure that a child’s basic needs are met and also to provide a roughly similar standard of living at both parents’ homes. To do this, Oregon courts will average both parents’ incomes and then figure out what families at that level of income have to pay for their children annually. 

While some parents may be able to handle child support payments without any court enforcement, this is all too often not the case. Especially when parents are divorcing, obtaining court-ordered child support can ensure the continued care of the children. Of course, divorcing parents are not the only ones who can get a support order. Any parent may petition the court for child support as long as paternity has been established for the child in question. 

Divorce can be a necessary step for some couples in Oregon to take, but the path to a successful divorce settlement may not always be as smooth as one would hope. However, most parents would likely agree that putting children first is a smart idea. Even before a divorce is settled, parents who work together can draft an agreement that outlines parenting time and addresses other child-related issues.

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