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Child Custody Plan Can Protect Oregon Children

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2014 | Child Custody |

A child custody plan may have played an integral role in ensuring the safe return of a toddler girl to her mother. The father, who is from Oregon, is alleged to have kidnapped his daughter and fled the state. After the mother reported the breach in their child custody arrangement, multiple police state agencies tracked the man down roughly 24 hours from the time of the reported kidnapping.

The girl’s mother became worried when her daughter was not returned to her. Having full custody of the 2-year-old, she suspected that her ex-husband may have fled the state with their daughter. When she reported both her daughter’s and her ex-husband’s absence to the police, various authorities jumped into action.

Authorities were able to determine that the ex-husband was likely travelling with both his daughter and girlfriend. The man apparently used cell phones borrowed from other individuals to make calls to some of his family members, who in turn cooperated with police out of concern for the girl. Eventually, they located the man, his daughter and girlfriend in a different state. The girl was safe and authorities placed her in the care of child protective services in order to get her back to her mother.

While most divorced couples such as this one have a child custody plan in place, parents who were never married in the first place may have never made their parenting plan legal. Without a custody agreement approved in court, it may be difficult for Oregon police to at first determine whether a child has been kidnapped, or is simply spending time with the other parent. For the best interests and safety of a child, having a legal, court-approved child custody plan is a smart idea for Oregon parents.

Source: ktvb.com, “Dad accused of kidnapping 2-year-old daughter arrested in Boise”, Scott Evans, April 24, 2014

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