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Posts tagged "prenuptial agreements"

Without a prenuptial, asset division can still be accomplished

Although prenuptial agreements are generally hugely beneficial to soon-to-be married couples with substantial assets, some individuals still prefer to forgo the agreement before marriage. In other instances, assets were accrued over the course of the marriage. In cases such as these, asset division for Oregon couples who have significant assets to split can be tricky.

The prenuptial agreement: Is it for you?

Couples in Oregon who are engaged to be married know how much preparation the typical wedding requires. From narrowing down the guest list to picking out the reception music, the list of to-dos can seem endless. It's not unheard of for soon-to-be spouses to have disagreements over the finer details, though they're usually resolved quickly. As the couple prepares for their life together, these minor differences can remind them that they are bound to have conflicts over the course of their marriage.