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Shared child custody arrangements result in lower stress for kids

| Sep 7, 2017 | Child Custody |

Going through a divorce can be a trying experience for Oregon residents or others around the country, particularly if a couple has children. Discussions around child custody, living arrangements and financial support for the children can be intense, given the importance of the issues. Recently, child advocates presented research that shows children in shared custody situations are less stressed than those that live full time with one parent.

A study from an international university’s demography unit routine found this lower stress level in shared custody situations, even if there was conflict among the parties. Researchers support living with both parents, if possible. When children rarely see one parent, they lose touch with them, as well as other family members and friends associated with that parent. This can cause a child to worry about those people and stress levels can rise, according to adolescent mental health researchers.

Shared physical custody is not the same as shared legal custody. When parents share legal custody, both can make decisions about religion or education. However, sharing physical custody means that a child alternates between both parents’ homes, spending about the same amount of time with each of them. The research found that children who had strong relationships with both parents with stable living conditions had less overall stress.

Child custody decisions are of utmost importance for couples going through an Oregon divorce. It would be helpful to contact an experienced divorce attorney for guidance throughout the proceedings. A knowledgeable lawyer will work to protect the rights of the clients and the best interests of the children involved. An attorney will also strive for the most favorable outcome in the settlement for a client.

Source: psychcentral.com, “Co-Parenting with Shared Custody May Put Less Stress on Kids”, Rick Nauert, Aug. 31, 2017

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