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April 2014 Archives

Child custody plan can protect Oregon children

A child custody plan may have played an integral role in ensuring the safe return of a toddler girl to her mother. The father, who is from Oregon, is alleged to have kidnapped his daughter and fled the state. After the mother reported the breach in their child custody arrangement, multiple police state agencies tracked the man down roughly 24 hours from the time of the reported kidnapping.

After an Oregon divorce, taxes may be trickier

Most people hope that financial and legal difficulties are in the past when a divorce is finally settled. During this tax season, some Oregon divorcees might be surprised to find that this isn't always so. While the deadline for taxes to be filed is April 15, the IRS does grant extensions to certain individuals. Since filing taxes after a divorce can include decisions that have previously not had to be made, keeping important details in mind, such as alimony and child custody, can ensure a smoother process for those involved.

Divorce settlements should be carefully analyzed before accepting

There may be times that divorce can bring out the worst in some people. Sadly, for some people embroiled in a divorce, this may simply be a tactic to encourage the other party to settle fast and settle low. While it is understandable that an Oregon divorcee might choose a less-than-desirable or even fair settlement in order to end a bitter and prolonged divorce, there may be instances in which sticking to requests is a good idea. In these instances, it is best to be prepared.