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Factors To Address When Seeking To Relocate After A Divorce

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There are a multitude of circumstances in life that could leave you facing a need to move to a different location. While the idea of seeking out new living arrangements and moving all your possessions may be stressful enough as is, if you have children, there could be other factors that may affect your situation.

If you and the other parent parted ways, part of dissolving your marriage may have included reaching an amicable and acceptable child custody agreement. In some cases, it is possible that your proposed move might prompt a need to revisit this arrangement and seek the necessary modifications.

Relocation concerns

If you and the other parent cannot reach an agreement concerning your proposed relocation, it might be up to the court to make the final decision. Some examples of topics that might influence this process could include:

  • Circumstances of the move: The motivations behind your move could play a vital role in the outcome of your situation, whether this involves a need to relocate for employment or a desire to be closer to family.
  • Impact on parenting plan: The court will also address topics pertaining to how your proposed relocation will affect the lives of your kids and your current visitation schedules.
  • Needs of the kids: The court will always focus on the interests of your children and issues such as the potential impact on their development and even their wishes could play a part in the decision.
  • Miscellaneous topics: Other topics that might play a part in the decision could involve the distance of the move, the possible alternatives to relocation, and how the move might affect the financial well-being and stability of everyone involved.

In addition to knowing some of the topics that might influence your request to relocate, seeking insight on Oregon state child custody laws and how they might apply to your situation could also be imperative.

Preparing for a hearing

A desire or need to relocate to a new area may leave you facing a need to seek out modifications to your existing parenting plan. Knowing some of the topics to cover regarding a request to relocate could be integral to helping you prepare for what comes next. Seeking guidance in developing a strong strategy for your relocation hearing could prove vital to helping you prepare to seek the best outcome achievable concerning your needs and the interests of your kids.

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