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February 2015 Archives

Restraining orders difficult but important topic to address

Domestic abuse can be an understandably sensitive topic to discuss, but we know how important it is to address the various options that Oregon victims have at their disposal. Whether dealing with a divorce or a particularly difficult split from an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, it may sometimes be necessary to have restraining orders issued against an alleged abuser. This can be especially effective or important when children are involved.

Establishing parenting time can help with support payments

Finances are typically on both spouses' minds during a divorce and understandably so. Even though the recent recession is in the rearview mirror for most people, there may still be a feeling of insecurity when it comes to jobs and finances. This can be especially true for Oregon parents who must also ensure the continued security of their children. Luckily, child support payments made by one parent to the other can help establish financial security for any children involved, and the amounts ordered are typically based, at least partially, on how much parenting time each party has.