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October 2014 Archives

Mediation can help resolve child custody disputes

Deciding who should have what responsibilities in a custody agreement is rarely an easy decision. Questions such as "Should he live with the primary caretaker?" or "Who is responsible for health insurance?" can arise, possibly signaling the beginning of a battle for child custody. While simply wanting as much time with a child is quite understandable, staying calm during these negotiations can be one of the most beneficial actions that may be in the best interest of the child.

Domestic violence victims can be protected by restraining orders

Discussing abuse or violence can be a tender subject for victims in Oregon. However, knowing what options there are for protection from a current or ex-spouse can be crucial to ensuring safety in a myriad of situations. For some victims, restraining orders may be an appropriate course of action, although there are others who question why some domestic violence offenders do not face harsher punishments that may discourage such action. 

Already thinking of asset division, Gina Neely files for divorce

When a celebrity divorce is announced, it is rare that it appears as amicable as the recent split between celebrity chefs Gina and Pat Neely. However, even when most aspects of a divorce are on relatively friendly terms -- such as why the divorce is needed -- dividing up what was once marital property can be difficult. Those in Oregon who are planning to divorce might take note of the Neelys' apparent forethought into the issue of asset division.