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Already Thinking Of Asset Division, Gina Neely Files For Divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2014 | Divorce |

When a celebrity divorce is announced, it is rare that it appears as amicable as the recent split between celebrity chefs Gina and Pat Neely. However, even when most aspects of a divorce are on relatively friendly terms — such as why the divorce is needed — dividing up what was once marital property can be difficult. Those in Oregon who are planning to divorce might take note of the Neelys’ apparent forethought into the issue of asset division.

Many divorces are now filed as being caused by irreconcilable differences rather than on various grounds such as adultery or abuse, and the Neelys are no exception to this trend. Although the pair asserts that they will continue to be friends and will also be actively involved as parents in the lives of their adult children, their 20-year marriage is ending. However, with an empire of restaurants, cookbooks and even a wildly popular TV Network show, splitting things up may not be so easy.

The Neelys still own four joint properties, including a closed-down restaurant in their hometown of Memphis, Tenn. The divorce filing, which was initially filed by Gina, apparently already addressed the potential turmoil that these properties can create. However, in the filing, she has already taken steps to address this issue and specifically mentioned that the decision will be left to the courts if the couple is unable to agree.

Even though divorce can be a smart and competent move for many people in Oregon, dividing what was joint property into two can potentially become overwhelming. Usually, a divorcing couple must first approach asset division through negotiation, and, if that fails, they can then utilize an impartial third-party to provide suggestions during mediation. While the latter of the two options usually suffices, if tension over who should get the car or what debt should be paid by whom continues, leaving the decision up to the court can settle the matter.

Source: wjhl.com, “Memphis celebrity chefs, Gina and Pat Neely, file for divorce”, Kontji Anthony, Sept. 26, 2014

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