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Understanding How Emotions Could Influence Decisions In Divorce

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Dissolving a marriage can be a stressful and daunting process that could leave you facing a variety of difficult choices. If you and your spouse choose to take separate paths in life, you may also experience a range of emotions while preparing to make decisions about what is important to your future in Oregon.

While it might not be uncommon for such a process to be an emotional roller coaster at times, it could prove somewhat difficult to grasp how this may influence the outcome of your situation. Knowing how emotions might influence your decisions may be vital to helping you prepare for what comes next.

The possible influence of emotions

Studies suggest that emotions can have a significant impact on the decisions you make, and the stronger the emotions, the greater the influence. Some examples of how emotions might influence decisions could include:

  • Current versus future: Studies indicate that intense emotions could affect your ability to move past current feelings and focus on what is important to your future.
  • Conflict as a concern: Emotions could also increase the chances you might jump to conclusions or lash out at others, and the presence of conflict may do little to help your situation.
  • Pointing fingers: According to studies, emotions such as anger or resentment could increase the chances that you might feel a need to seek comfort by placing blame on others.
  • Need to rush: Emotions could also leave you feeling an urge to get through the process, which may lead to impulsive or hasty decisions that might not necessarily align with your wishes and needs for the future.

While it might seem difficult, finding ways to reign in your emotions could be essential to staving off impulsive decisions and making informed choices about what is best for your future.

Looking to the future

While it is understandable to experience a range of emotions during the end of a marriage, allowing your current feelings to influence your decisions might not always be fruitful. With a great deal at stake, it could be in your best interests to seek insight on how to maintain control of your emotions and focus on making choices that align with your future needs. Such a decision could help place you in a better position in which to safeguard your future and enter the next stage of life with serenity.

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