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Organization Can Help You During Divorce

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Going through a divorce is not only draining emotionally, but mentally. You might feel like there are a million steps you have to take in order to finally put your divorce behind you. There are many tasks, paperwork and other things you have to do during a divorce and it can be overwhelming.

However, there is a way to make this entire process easier. Staying organized is key during a divorce. It can help you come out of it more successfully and with less stress. Here are three ways you can organize your life during a divorce.

Collect and keep track of documents

Finding and filing your documents is a good first step toward organization. During the divorce process chances are you will need to provide records of almost everything. Your attorney may need to see records of your credit card statements, real estate, mortgage, tax returns and other files. Having these documents on hand and ready to go can help reduce your stress so you do not have to go searching for them later.

Monitor and record your life

Your life will fundamentally change during a divorce, but in order to minimize this, you might want to start keeping records of your life. This can include keeping track of your financials and other habits. If you are seeking spousal support these records can help you when figuring out how much you should receive in order to maintain your lifestyle. It can also help determine your day-to-day living expenses so you have an idea of how you might want to make changes or adjustments to your life in the future.

Open new accounts

Finally, you might want to open your own accounts. If you and your husband shared credit card accounts or other financials during your marriage, you might want to start your own at this point in time. Starting a new email account or even social media can also help you with the divorce in different ways. Having your own accounts, real estate or even a car can help you feel more independent and ready to start the next chapter of your life.

Divorce is a huge change, but you do not have to let it run your life. A few simple steps toward organization can make all the difference in making this process as smooth as possible.

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