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Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights In Oregon?

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Losing contact with a loved one is heartbreaking. In the event of a divorce, many people are involved. Depending on who the children end up with, this can immensely impact a grandchild-grandparent relationship. You desire to maintain a connection with your grandchildren. What can you do to prevent the break?

In 2001, Oregon ruled that there are no specific provisions for grandparents when it comes to visitation.

Oregon laws

Revamped state laws have put a damper on grandparent visitation. In the past, any person who had a personal relationship with a child could file a motion in court. If you believed contact with your grandchild was being unreasonably denied, you could petition.

Now, the court takes a modified approach. They recognize that fit parents are in charge of the best interests of their children. Therefore, if a parent has full custody, it really is up to them to decide who their child interacts with.

A child may wish to see a grandparent. Despite that, the court leans more toward the presumptive parents.

Visitation is still possible

All hope is not lost, though.

Grandparents who had ongoing personal relationships with the child can sue under the statute. You can have a good case if you prove there’s a strong bond. You also have to prove the visitation won’t interfere with parenting, and the contact is detrimental to the child.

If you are seeking visitiation rights with your grandchild, it’s best to seek legal advice when petitioning. Maintaining your relationship is paramount.

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