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August 2017 Archives

Divorce may have considerable tax impacts in Oregon

Most individuals worry about their finances at some point or another. A major catalyst that could spark this concern is going through divorce. Because ending a marriage means living on a single income and potentially losing and gaining assets during property division, understanding financial impacts may be vastly important. Oregon residents may want to pay particular attention to potential taxation.

Millenials more likely to want prenuptial agreements

Many millennials in Oregon and around the nation are waiting until later in life to get married than those from earlier generations. As a result, more of them have steady jobs, own businesses or have amassed property. It is understandable that an individual would be protective of what he or she has earned. This holds true even where marriage is concerned. Prenuptial agreements are become more commonplace, particularly for those who have waited to tie the knot and come to a marriage with established assets.