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Can Low IQ Result In Loss Of Child Custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Child Custody |

Not many would argue that it takes a certain level of intelligence to succeed in some areas of life. For example, someone wanting to be an engineer, doctor or scientist would need an IQ higher than the average of 90 to 110. However, how much intelligence does it take to raise a child? That is the question many in Oregon are asking as they learn of a recent child custody case.

A young couple had a baby about four years ago, but a friend reported to the Department of Human Services that the couple was neglecting the baby boy. The friend believed the parents were not intellectually able to recognize and provide for the child’s needs. A case worker visited the home and found no signs of abuse or neglect from the parents, whose IQs measured around 70. Nevertheless, child protective services saw fit to remove the baby and place him in foster care.

Recently, the couple gave birth to another son. Before the parents could even take the baby home from the hospital, DHS removed him from their custody. The agency required the couple to take parenting classes, CPR lessons and nutrition classes among other things. They complied readily, but they still have not regained custody of their children.

The loss of child custody can be torturous for a parent. Losing custody to government agencies may feel like a futile battle. However, securing sound legal advice and determined advocacy can make a difference. With the help of an Oregon attorney those seeking a resolution to custody issues may be able to hope for a more positive outcome.

Source: ktvz.com, “IQ scores at center of Redmond couple’s custody fight”, A.J. Kato, July 20, 2017

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