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September 2016 Archives

Former AG seeks partial asset distribution during divorce

Financial settlements in an Oregon are usually paid only after a judge has signed off on an agreement, but a former out-of-state attorney general is hoping to handle things a little differently. She recently requested that her soon-to-be ex-husband pay her $1 million of the approximately $6 million she expects to receive once their divorce is finalized. The $6 million is not only in reference to money, but also covers the marital assets that will be distributed upon the finalization of the divorce.

Moving out of state? Find out how child custody can be affected

Life might be somewhat easier if most things stayed the same, but the reality for most people in Oregon is that change happens. However, big life changes can be somewhat more complicated for divorced parents. This is especially true when that big change involves an out-of-state move. Whether for employment or personal reasons, moving out of state leaves most divorced parents wondering how their child custody agreement will be affected.