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July 2015 Archives

Divorce dispute centers around frozen embryos

When divorcing couples have a difference of opinions concerning asset and property division during divorce, there are normally legal provisions in place to help guide them through the process to a satisfactory divorce settlement. However, as technology and society rapidly evolves and changes, some Oregon couples might encounter divorce issues with little or no legal precedence. An out of state couple recently made national news when their dispute over frozen embryos stalled their divorce. 

Is violence a reason to divorce?

Some couples simply know when it is time to bring a marriage to a close, but for other married couples in Oregon, the decision is not always so clear. The confusion can be quite understandable, especially as most couples walk down the aisle with the intention of fully intertwining their life with that of their spouse. However, no matter a couple's intentions at the time of marriage, there are some warning signs that might indicate that a divorce is the healthiest option for everyone involved.

Divorce bad for your health? Not so fast, researchers say

There may be no limit to the amount of myths and untruths that abound concerning divorce, but a group of researchers may be able to put one popular myth to rest. It has long been believed that a divorce can negatively impact a person's health, and while that may be true to a certain extent, the real impact is hardly notable in the long term. Oregon couples who might have been putting off divorce for fear of suffering ill health might want to pay attention to the results of this recent study.