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March 2015 Archives

In some instances, divorce is in the best interests of the child

Oregon parents may sometimes be inclined to avoid divorce for the sake of their children. Admittedly, there is nothing wrong with attempting to work certain issues out before deciding that filing for divorce is the best course of action, but when problems cannot be resolved, divorce may be the most beneficial option for all those involved. Parents can then move forward and focus on what is in the best interests of the child. 

Couples should consider the big picture of a divorce settlement

Virtually no one wants to come out of a divorce with their financial state in shambles. However, the process of maintaining a solid financial foundation while also dealing with sometimes difficult decisions -- such as child custody or asset division -- may seem overwhelming. By keeping a few key factors in mind, couples in Oregon do not have to sacrifice their financial security during a divorce. 

Be sure to pay attention to the wording in prenuptial agreements

Although once mostly reserved for wealthy couples with a vast amount of assets to protect, many people in Oregon now understand the value of a well-written prenuptial agreement for most couples. Prenuptial agreements typically don't signal a lack of trust as many once believed, and instead can help lay the groundwork for a successful divorce should the issue arise. However, simply writing up a list of agreements and scribbling down a signature may not be adequate.