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Couples In Oregon May Deal With Divorce, Child Custody More Often

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2014 | Family Law |

A recent report ranked the top 10 states for the highest divorce rate, and our state made the top half of the list. As a consequence, Oregon may have a significant number of divorcing couples who are now dealing with sensitive issues. No matter where in America a couple divorces, factors such as property division and/or child custody agreements may still need to be addressed.

The American Psychological Association’s statistic of a 40 to 50 percent divorce rate for all marriages in America probably doesn’t come as a surprise. A different study noted that divorce in America isn’t just concentrated in one region, either. Although most of the country experiences the APA’s divorce rate, Oregon ranked fourth out of the top 10 for having one of the highest divorce rates in the country.

About 49 percent of people 15 years old and up are married in Oregon while another 1.9 percent are separated. The study didn’t note whether these couples sought a legal separation or were simply having a trial separation away from one another. In total, 13.4 percent of people in Oregon are divorced.

The study did not indicate that a reason exists for Oregon’s somewhat higher divorce rate. No matter the driving force behind a divorce, almost every couple must deal with the same issues before agreeing on a divorce settlement. While some parties may find addressing these issues relatively pain-free and simple, others find it can take much more time and energy. In addition to dividing marital assets, each party must take on his or her share of any martial debt; if children are involved, child custody and support must also be determined. Although many couples can reach a settlement agreement through negotiations or mediation, those who can’t may find litigation to be the next appropriate choice to make.

Source: golocalpdx.com, “Oregon, 4th Most Divorced State in the U.S.“, Kirsten Nicolaisen, Nov. 18, 2014

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