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Posts tagged "spousal support"

MLB outfielder Josh Hamilton ready to divorce

Major league baseball fans might have already heard of the divorce proceedings between the outfielder Josh Hamilton and his soon-to-be ex-wife. The divorce filing did not go into the specific reasons behind the split and simply cited ongoing conflict, which is not uncommon in Oregon divorce filings. However, unlike most other divorces, the high-profile nature of Hamilton's divorce might provide further insight into the matter for those who are confused or unsure of the process.

After divorce, what spousal support is available to me?

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is not always necessary for every divorced couple in Oregon. However, for those who believe that they are eligible to receive some type of spousal support, it can be important to go into a divorce prepared. There are actually three different types of spousal support that you may qualify for. 

After an Oregon divorce, taxes may be trickier

Most people hope that financial and legal difficulties are in the past when a divorce is finally settled. During this tax season, some Oregon divorcees might be surprised to find that this isn't always so. While the deadline for taxes to be filed is April 15, the IRS does grant extensions to certain individuals. Since filing taxes after a divorce can include decisions that have previously not had to be made, keeping important details in mind, such as alimony and child custody, can ensure a smoother process for those involved.