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Posts tagged "property division"

MLB outfielder Josh Hamilton ready to divorce

Major league baseball fans might have already heard of the divorce proceedings between the outfielder Josh Hamilton and his soon-to-be ex-wife. The divorce filing did not go into the specific reasons behind the split and simply cited ongoing conflict, which is not uncommon in Oregon divorce filings. However, unlike most other divorces, the high-profile nature of Hamilton's divorce might provide further insight into the matter for those who are confused or unsure of the process.

Couples in Oregon may deal with divorce, child custody more often

A recent report ranked the top 10 states for the highest divorce rate, and our state made the top half of the list. As a consequence, Oregon may have a significant number of divorcing couples who are now dealing with sensitive issues. No matter where in America a couple divorces, factors such as property division and/or child custody agreements may still need to be addressed.

39 years of marriage won't keep Captain and Tennille together

Navigating the waters of marriage can be a very difficult task at times. As years pass, relationships and people can change. Keeping this in mind, some people may come to the conclusion that their marriage is no longer working -- even after spending decades together. In fact, a study conducted by Bowling Green State University revealed that divorce among people ages 50 and older is a growing national trend.