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Posts tagged "custody"

What's the difference between sole and joint child custody?

The majority of parents would agree that custody should be based on the best interests of a child, but there may be a significant difference in opinion when it comes to determining what a child's best interest actually is. For Oregon parents who are unable to reach an agreement between themselves, court intervention might be appropriate. When a judge considers what type of child custody arrangement would be most appropriate, he or she must take several different factors into consideration before making a decision.

Post-divorce modifications may be necessary

While a divorce settlement addresses the issues that Oregon couples are dealing with at that point in time, it might be unlikely that life will continue to stay the same years down the road. Certain aspects of a divorce settlement that may have once been relevant may become unreasonable or impossible to meet. When that happens, modifications may be necessary.

Oregon children can benefit from paternity being established

The role that a parent plays in the life of his or her child, whether for the best or worst, may be undeniable. However, various factors can make it difficult for a parent to assume the role that he or she is meant to play. In particular, unmarried parents might need to first establish paternity to ensure that all parties are as protected as possible.

Couples in Oregon may deal with divorce, child custody more often

A recent report ranked the top 10 states for the highest divorce rate, and our state made the top half of the list. As a consequence, Oregon may have a significant number of divorcing couples who are now dealing with sensitive issues. No matter where in America a couple divorces, factors such as property division and/or child custody agreements may still need to be addressed.

Antonio Banderas and wife seek divorce and custody of pets

American pet owners shelled out over $61 billion buying items for their animals in 2011. With roughly three-quarters of American households boasting at least one pet, it may be no surprise that a couple going through a divorce is willing to fight for custody of their beloved animal. In some Oregon divorces, disagreements over custody of a pet may even rise above issues concerning child custody.

Prenuptial agreements evolving for modern-day divorce

Prenuptial agreements can be effective tools for protecting assets or even the custody of a pet should a marriage end in divorce. More recently, an increasing number of prenups have included an evolving aspect of an increasingly online society. What some refer to as a social media clause can protect an individual’s online reputation after a divorce.

Wehby divorce: individuals can seek protection from ex-spouses

Although divorce is often the best solution for couples who have significant and irreconcilable differences, in certain isolated cases, some divorced couples may experience continued friction even after the divorce is finalized. A notable Oregon politician has recently been accused of continually harassing her ex-husband, even though their divorce in 2007. Some of her ex-husband’s complaints have involved physical violence while others have centered around child custody.