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Posts tagged "child support"

MLB outfielder Josh Hamilton ready to divorce

Major league baseball fans might have already heard of the divorce proceedings between the outfielder Josh Hamilton and his soon-to-be ex-wife. The divorce filing did not go into the specific reasons behind the split and simply cited ongoing conflict, which is not uncommon in Oregon divorce filings. However, unlike most other divorces, the high-profile nature of Hamilton's divorce might provide further insight into the matter for those who are confused or unsure of the process.

Couples should consider the big picture of a divorce settlement

Virtually no one wants to come out of a divorce with their financial state in shambles. However, the process of maintaining a solid financial foundation while also dealing with sometimes difficult decisions -- such as child custody or asset division -- may seem overwhelming. By keeping a few key factors in mind, couples in Oregon do not have to sacrifice their financial security during a divorce. 

Post-divorce modifications may be necessary

While a divorce settlement addresses the issues that Oregon couples are dealing with at that point in time, it might be unlikely that life will continue to stay the same years down the road. Certain aspects of a divorce settlement that may have once been relevant may become unreasonable or impossible to meet. When that happens, modifications may be necessary.

Oregon children can benefit from paternity being established

The role that a parent plays in the life of his or her child, whether for the best or worst, may be undeniable. However, various factors can make it difficult for a parent to assume the role that he or she is meant to play. In particular, unmarried parents might need to first establish paternity to ensure that all parties are as protected as possible.