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Posts tagged "best interests of the child"

In some instances, divorce is in the best interests of the child

Oregon parents may sometimes be inclined to avoid divorce for the sake of their children. Admittedly, there is nothing wrong with attempting to work certain issues out before deciding that filing for divorce is the best course of action, but when problems cannot be resolved, divorce may be the most beneficial option for all those involved. Parents can then move forward and focus on what is in the best interests of the child. 

What are the various types of child custody?

When discussing child custody during a divorce in Oregon, it is important to note that there is not simply one type of custody arrangement that all parents must adhere to. Aside from sole and joint custody, there may also be various arrangements, such as sole physical custody for one parent with joint legal custody between both parents. Before determining what child custody arrangement would be in the best interests of the child, divorcing couples would be well-advised to learn the various types of custody.