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Posts tagged "alimony"

Couples should consider the big picture of a divorce settlement

Virtually no one wants to come out of a divorce with their financial state in shambles. However, the process of maintaining a solid financial foundation while also dealing with sometimes difficult decisions -- such as child custody or asset division -- may seem overwhelming. By keeping a few key factors in mind, couples in Oregon do not have to sacrifice their financial security during a divorce. 

Post-divorce modifications may be necessary

While a divorce settlement addresses the issues that Oregon couples are dealing with at that point in time, it might be unlikely that life will continue to stay the same years down the road. Certain aspects of a divorce settlement that may have once been relevant may become unreasonable or impossible to meet. When that happens, modifications may be necessary.

After divorce, what spousal support is available to me?

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is not always necessary for every divorced couple in Oregon. However, for those who believe that they are eligible to receive some type of spousal support, it can be important to go into a divorce prepared. There are actually three different types of spousal support that you may qualify for. 

After an Oregon divorce, taxes may be trickier

Most people hope that financial and legal difficulties are in the past when a divorce is finally settled. During this tax season, some Oregon divorcees might be surprised to find that this isn't always so. While the deadline for taxes to be filed is April 15, the IRS does grant extensions to certain individuals. Since filing taxes after a divorce can include decisions that have previously not had to be made, keeping important details in mind, such as alimony and child custody, can ensure a smoother process for those involved.

The prenuptial agreement: Is it for you?

Couples in Oregon who are engaged to be married know how much preparation the typical wedding requires. From narrowing down the guest list to picking out the reception music, the list of to-dos can seem endless. It's not unheard of for soon-to-be spouses to have disagreements over the finer details, though they're usually resolved quickly. As the couple prepares for their life together, these minor differences can remind them that they are bound to have conflicts over the course of their marriage.