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Divorce trends: Get a prenup without ruining a relationship

When a couple is planning a wedding in Oregon or anywhere around the nation, there is a long list of things to do. Choosing a venue, picking out a dress, selecting a caterer or planning a honeymoon are typical activities that come to mind. Getting a divorce is certainly not a topic of conversation most couples address in the midst of wedding plans. However, experts suggest that developing a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage affords couples an opportunity to logically discuss what might happen if a split occurs.

Certainly, the development of a prenup may create some frustration. However, marriage advisors acknowledge that prenuptial agreements can prove to be very useful documents in the future. They recommend several suggestions on how to create an effective prenup while preserving a relationship.

Both parties need transparency throughout the process of developing an agreement. Experts recommend that the couple, along with their respective attorneys, all meet together to hash out the details. Also, it is important to note that there will be items that belong to one spouse or the other. Of course, those things will be noted in the agreement. Yet, it is more important to address how the property will be handled that belongs to both spouses.

An Oregon divorce attorney can provide valuable guidance in developing prenuptial, postnuptial or other types of relationship agreements. An experienced lawyer will address an individual's situation and recommend the best course of action. Every effort will be made to protect a client's interests both now and in the future.

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