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Child custody decisions often difficult

| Jun 15, 2017 | Child Custody |

Going through an Oregon divorce can be a stressful experience, particularly when children are involved. Child custody issues can potentially be contentious. However, it is critical for divorcing couples to remember that though they may be ending their relationship, their roles as parents remain. Understandably, the decisions that parents make regarding their children can have long lasting repercussions.

Counsellors acknowledge that children may be acting depressed or anxious when their parents are getting a divorce. Even if a 50/50 split custody arrangement has been made, the situation can still be overwhelming to a child. Often, unresolved matters in a marriage can carry over into divorce proceedings and create conflicts. Children are frequently caught in the middle when arguments arise.

Other difficulties may appear if one spouse has already entered into a new relationship. Limitations or demands placed on these relationships may not directly affect the children, but causing turmoil with a former spouse can indirectly hurt them. Also, things become tense when one spouse is unbending regarding established arrangements. When someone is inflexible with the schedule, it can ultimately hurt the child if a visit is cancelled.

In some cases, a class on child custody is recommended for the divorcing parents. These are suggested with the hope that they will provide more stability and reduce the stress for the children in these situations. If parents can minimize the resentment and anger they may be feeling and focus on the children’s best interest, the children will hopefully have a better sense of stability through this time of change.

Many child custody issues are difficult to address, so it is important to fully understand divorce proceedings. An experienced Oregon divorce attorney can explain the process and recommend a specific plan of action for a client. Having guidance from a knowledgeable lawyer is beneficial as one navigates through a divorce.

Source: mediate.com, “It Takes A Solomon: Tearing Children Apart in Divorce“, Jacquelin Burnett-Brown, June 2, 2017

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